Thursday, August 13, 2015

Beach Vacation 2015

We had a great week of vacation with my family at the beach. On Saturday (August 2nd) we made our way to the beach and started our fun-filled week.

 We decided to drive (only about 45 minutes) after Riley's nap on Saturday so she could get one more good nap in before a week out of her bed. It was extremely hot and the house didn't have AC so we cooled off with some ice cold water after unpacking. Ry was cheesing for the camera the first night there.

My sisters and their families arrived late Saturday and early Sunday. Ry was excited to wake up to her cousin at the house. While we were all getting packed up for the beach, the girls decided to bring their babies on a walk around the house.

The girls were ready for our first day at the beach! 

We had a gorgeous first day at the beach. Lots of playing in the sand, chasing and running away from the waves and playing in their little kiddie pool.

After the beach, we ate lunch, got the girls down for naps, went to the grocery store &had a mini-shower for my sister who is due with a little boy in October.

Ry was not amused with her parents picture taking.

After the baby shower, we hung out in the back yard playing corn hole & cards.

On Monday, it was back to the beach (Mike was creeping in the background! ahah).

Vacation living.

We had planned to go to Watch Hill Monday afternoon but parking was insane, so we went out to dinner instead. Ry was loving on her grandparents.

On Tuesday morning, we woke up to a really insane thunderstorm at like 6 am. Power was out for about an hour and trees were down everywhere. It was crazy! After the storm ended and things were back to normal, we decided to forego the beach and try Watch Hill again.

It turned out to be such a beautiful day!

The best photo of the three of us haha!

The whole crew!

After Watch Hill & naps, the girls spent sometime in the backyard playing in the pool.

Then we had meatball grinders for dinner. Ry was a fan.


The next day, it was back to the beach & in the afternoon, my parents took the kiddos on a whole bunch of walks.

On Thursday, we headed to the aquarium with the kids. Ry LOVED it. She is an animal lover and was totally into all the cool marine animals and getting to touch them in a touch tank. 


We also brought her to the sea lion show. She was happy (with snacks) for over an hour, sitting and watching.

Looking at the turtles with her dad.

Checking out the penguins.

Thursday evening, it was back to the beach with the crew for a few hours.

The many looks of Riley Olivia. 



After the beach, we hit up the local ice cream place one more time.

On Friday morning, it was time to say goodbye to the beach for another summer. We spent the morning at the beach and headed home.

I grew up going to this beach every summer with my family, so to bring my daughter to this place, that I hope will also bring her many childhood memories, has been so surreal and wonderful. I have always dreamed of bringing my own kids here!

 What a wonderful week we had at my happy place. Until next time..


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