Friday, August 28, 2015

Out of the office..

We are currently soaking up our last bit of summer around here with family and friends. I will be taking the next week off to spend quality time with them. Be back either late next week or early the week after.

Enjoy your week, friends!


Friday, August 21, 2015

Friday Favorites

It's that time of the week again, Friday Favorites! This week I wanted to do something a little different and show you some of my favorite fall outfit inspirations from Pinterest. So I know it is still really hot in a lot of areas of this country, but this time of year, as kids start heading back to school, I really get anxious for fall to come. So naturally I have been pinning lots of fall things. Here are some of my favorite outfit ideas for fall.


Military vest, skinny jeans and booties. So easy!


I love a cardigan that drape. It's a fun layering pieces. Long necklaces are in right now.


I love this look for date night or a night out with friends.


This outfit is perfect for running errands with the kiddos, or a play date.


I love infinity scarves. This outfit looks pulled together without trying to hard.


Classic fall look. I love the slouchy sweater with skinny jeans and boots.


This is another great outfit. I like how she paired it with a chunky necklace and black pants. Fun!

These are some of my favorite fall outfit pins right now. Such cute outfits with a lot of things you can find in your closet, which I love!

See all of my favorite pins on Pinterest HERE.

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That's all for Friday Favorites!

Have a wonderful weekend!


Thursday, August 20, 2015

Summer Catch Up

Today, I thought I would give you all a catch up to all the fun things we've been up to over the past few weeks. We have been busy, but busy in the best kind of way!

We have had play dates with our friends. How awesome is this kiddie pool?

We've explored the pond on campus. How beautiful does it look? Ry loved to watch the fountain and ducks swimming around.

We also got to play with our Oxford friends a bit. These girls love each other.

We've hit up the beach more times that I can count.

We also went to a local event for kids called "Heroes in the Community" and Ry got to see a fire truck and police car. She also got to meet a police officer and firefighters. She was too thrilled about the scary men full fire fighting attire. The last picture is right after one waved to her. Poor thing! haha.

We also ended summer session at school with a backyard BBQ and a campfire. It was a great way to kick off our summer and 6 weeks home with Mike.

My parents came into town and one our walk one morning, Riley asked to hold both of their hands. My parents willingly obliged.

One of our very best friends from camp came to visit us for a few days. He was in our wedding and Mike was in his. By day two, Riley loved him more than us. It was so sweet watching them interact and read books together. We don't get to see him very often so it was really nice having him in town for a few days.

We hit up the beach again.

Then it was time to head to visit our friends up at camp. Here is Riley getting to spend some quality time with KK, her best camp buddy. Last year, Riley was on 4-6 months old during the summer, but as soon as she saw KK she acted like she remembered her. It was so special spending some time together.

While visiting camp, we stayed at a hotel near by. The hotel had an indoor pool, so we took advantage and brought Ry swimming every day. She is such a water baby!

Then we had our beach vacation with my family. You can read more about that HERE.

Then it was off to the camp we met at! (told you we were busy! lol)

On the way there, Riley fell asleep in the car. Road trip win!

Setting up for boys rope burn.

Ry playing with her other buddy, Emmie. I wish I had taken some pictures with Ry's other best camp buddy, Carli, but I have none!

Watching Mystery Box.

Hanging in the grove. 

While at camp, Ry had a hard time napping in her pack and play, so I opted to have her nap on me. These cuddles are so few and far between now, I will soak up as many as I can get!

It was so wonderful getting to be back in the place we love as a family of three. Mike and I worked here for 6 (me), 7 (him) summers. We met, and got engaged here and have made some of the best friends that we really call family. Half of our wedding guests were camp friends. I love being back and sharing this place with Riley.

After visiting camp, we got home and actually stopped for a little. We had some quiet days at home and little morning outings. On one rainy day, Mike and I brought Ry to the local bounce center to play. She is just getting to an age where she can do more than just run around. She is coordinated enough to bounce and a little more daring to try some things on her own. She loved going down the slide!

So that an update on our summer thus far. We have some play dates with our friends planned, a trip to NJ & Mike's parents are coming into town for a visit. Lots of fun days ahead for the second half of our summer break!

Have a wonderful day!